The Mountain Land Realty Team

Joshua Masella - Broker/Realtor/Acreage Specialist

Joshua Masella is a family man who loves God and all nature has to offer, so he chose to call Western, NC his home. He's lived in California, Colorado, and Washington, where he fulfilled his passion for exploring nature and activities such as skiing, surfing, and fishing. A firm believer in the Golden Rule, Josh's professional career has been built on honesty and integrity. See why his work ethic makes him a perfect partner for any endeavor.


Monica- Culinary Operations Director

Monica ensures the team is equipped to head out into the world and assist with the needs of Mountain Land Realty’s buyers and sellers. She has an affinity for flavor and never turns down a good opportunity to bake something sweet and delicious. On top of that, Monica is an accomplished licensed Pharmacist and has been working in the Western North Carolina area for over 25 years. She currently holds the position of Buncombe County Health Department Pharmacy Manager and manages the medication programs for Buncombe County county.


Casey- Self-Care and Entertainment Director

Casey has been a part of the Mountain Land Realty team from day one and manages the team’s Self-Care & Entertainment division. As with any business, managing the self-care of its employees should be at the top of the list, and Mountain Land Realty is no different. Casey hand-picks entertainment choices and constantly challenges team members not to take themselves so seriously, all while demonstrating what it means to find joy in the small things in life truly. When not focused on the care of others, Casey is engaged in full-time classical education at Veritas Christian Academy, where she is currently on the A honor roll.


A Message From The Owner

I invite you to take your time and check out our website to see what makes Mountain Land Realty different from other real estate firms. I’m confident the difference will be obvious almost immediately. If you are looking for major corporate firms that only specialize in numbers then the team here at MLR is not for you. If you are looking for specialized service and focused attention on the needs that make you different from every other client, then you are in the right place. Reach out and discover the difference for yourself!

—James Dillingham: Broker/Realtor/Owner