10 Acres- Mearwild Dr Marshall NC

The Story:

Well, I will lead with another statement regarding the importance of staging properties when it comes to marketability. Unfortunately, I can’t take the majority of credit on this one as the sellers were very proactive in the staging department. But let me back up for a moment to give you some context. My clients actually purchased the property in September of 2020 for $62,500 after it had been on the market for over 1,000 days. The listing had 10 pictures and they were all high altitude drone shots and no pictures of the river. It wasn’t hard to see why it had been on the market for so long.

They quickly approached me in January of 2021 about putting it back on the market. They cited several reasons but mostly because of the volatile rise in building costs. It just didn’t make sense for them at that particular moment. We discussed several pricing options that all involved coming in somewhere below the 100k range.

After discussing amongst themselves they approached me about putting it on the market for nearly twice what they paid for it, somewhere around $125,000. They stressed to me that some of the infrastructure work had been completed: cleared homesite, septic permit updated, and trail built down to the water. All in all I think they had spent less than 10k on site improvements.

Given the fact that they had only owned the property for 4 months, I expressed my concern but agreed to go along with their plan due to the work that had been done. We worked hard to get it on the market and had it active by February 15th. Once again, professional photos, video, and 360 tour of the property.

360 Camera in action…

Since the property hit the market in the middle of February and at the very top of the price range, I expected it to potentially sit on the market until the summery buying season came around. Boy was I wrong. The property sat on the active market for a total of 3 days before going under contract.

No one was as surprised as me, but it goes to show how important it is to stage your land properly. Reach out and let’s have a discussion about what’s right for your property!

Maximize Time With Quality Buyers!

The 360 tour above gives amazing detail of the property. Start in the bird’s eye position and then follow the arrows to tour the property. The bird’s eye position is always available by selecting the arrow in the sky. Check it out!

Take flight…


According to Zenith Media, “The average person will spend 100 minutes every day watching online video in 2021.” Why shouldn’t it be your property they’re watching?

These images, videos and virtual tours are great tools used to attract REAL buyers and filter out the tire kickers. In essence, by giving the customers a clear and complete picture of the property you can limit the unnecessary buyers and focus on those who are truly interested; MAXIMIZING TIME WITH QUALITY BUYERS!


  • Under contract within 3 days of going active
  • Had previously been on the market for over 1000 days
  • The right marketing and planning attracted the right buyers and led to a quick sale!


Let’s Work Together!

If you own land in the mountains and are interested in at least putting curiosity to rest, please feel free to either email, text or call so we can start the conversation. In the meantime, please take a moment to read my reviews from other satisfied clients. Thank you so much for your time and I truly hope to hear from you soon! 

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