A Little Bit About My Family...

I am a western North Carolina native. My wife have been married over ... years and I have two amazing daughters that share our love for Western North Carolina. We also have a PET and... I started Mountain Land Realty because I love people and working with the natural beauty of North Carolina.

I have aspirations to change the perspective of real estate agents by serving my clients with respect to their heritage and maximizing their return on investment. For land buyers, I love sharing the hidden treasures often obscured by nature, such as breathtaking mountain views or the serenity of moving water.

Sharing The Story of Your Land

Mountain land, like people, have a story to share. This story can be intriguing and can only be expressed by talking to you, walking the land and using cutting-edge technology operated by proven experience.

My job is to take your story and render it into an interactive and engaging account using the written word, images and video.


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A Different Approach

Its not secret that real estate agents want to sign a deal and push the sale. Like any business, turning over property is critical to stay in business. This can lead to taking shortcuts, underpromoting your property, and reducing your land to a mere transaction.

I believe in a different approach. I want to understand your property, reveal those hidden secrets about your property and create an immersive experience. This includes:

  • Using cinematic, high-quality drone footage with only certified FAA pilots. The people I team up with also have a creative background to assure its both technically and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Virtual tours. You know those virtual home tours you can take? Well, I do that for your entire property. People can virtually walk to your property and get a feel for the potential of your land.
  • marketing your story. We do much more than a technical writeup. I want the words describing your property to accent the imagery to enhance and intrigue perspective buyers.

Passion Translates

My passion for nature, land and farm will resonate with buyers and help your property stand out. I am careful to respect your legacy and share the unique qualities of your property.

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