154 Acres- Ras Grooms Rd, Marshall NC

The Story:

Ras Grooms was my first “big” listing back in 2020. As with my Mearwild listing, the seller on this property was very active in the staging the property. He had a crew cleaning the trails which led all over the property and to some pretty amazing views.

This place was amazing and truthfully spoke for itself. The seller had all the trails groomed and ready for showing, and when it hit the market we were very busy. The seller and I both used our ATVs to show the property. Being able to take potential buyers all over the property without having to hike was a major selling tool. I now have a brand new Polaris that I have available to all of my clients because I saw the benefit while showing this property.

This was my first attempt at using professional photos, videos and 360s, but unfortunately I do not own the rights as it was used as a chance to build the photographers portfolio. Nonetheless, this is where I discovered the benefit of the 360 tour along with video. Buyers were very responsive to the technology and I believe they both played a huge role in selling the property.

Before our listing went live in September of 2020, the property had been on the market since 2018 with the same listing firm. They focused mostly on the the residence; a modified doublewide, which granted, was very nice. BUT, the best thing this property had to offer was the acreage and the privacy it offered so this is where I decided to focus my efforts. A majority of my photos were of the land itself in an attempt to convey what this property had to offer. In the end, I believe this is what helped the property to finally sell.

We hit the market on September 1st, and had it under contract September 25th, and closed by October 25th. The marketing strategy was a success, which led to a quick and successful closing.


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