15 Acre Mini Farm- Sandy Branch Rd. Bakersville, NC

The Story:

501 Sandy Branch Rd. was like a gift from God that descended from the clouds. Somewhere around the middle of April 2020, I received a phone call from the owner stating that she would like to sell her property in Bakersville. She had recently purchased (within the last 2 years) the farm in Bakersville with 15 acres, but due to the pandemic was unable to follow through with her original plan of moving to the mountains of WNC for a different pace of life. I quickly got my maps together and drove out to take a look. As I pulled around the driveway I knew it was a winner; small white cottage surrounded by wildflowers, pastures, and towering maple trees.

She had a caretaker that watched over the place so it was in pretty good shape. The only thing I could see was the need to cut the grass and clear out a path to the barns. The seller was very responsive when it came to these requests so we were able to get it on the market by May 13th.

Once again, we went all-out with the marketing: video, 360 tours, and professional photos. After several showings the property went under contract in less than 8 days, and sold for approximately 10% over list price. Once again, this one was a complete gift from above!

Review from owner:

Working with James to sell my house was a wonderful experience. He is thorough, efficient and sensible. An excellent realtor from start to finish. I have bought several places and there is no one better. I cannot recommend him enough. The marketing was beautiful from the photos to writeup. The courtesy and professionalism towards myself and the prospective buyers helped ease the stress and tension of the process. I firmly believe you could not have a better realtor!

–Elizabeth K.

Maximize Time With Quality Buyers!

The 360 tour above gives a detailed tour of the property. Follow the arrows to walk the property…check it out!

Take flight…


According to Zenith Media, “The average person will spend 100 minutes every day watching online video in 2021.” Why shouldn’t it be your property they’re watching?

These images, videos and virtual tours are great tools used to attract REAL buyers and filter out the tire kickers. In essence, by giving the customers a clear and complete picture of the property you can limit the unnecessary buyers and focus on those who are truly interested; MAXIMIZING TIME WITH QUALITY BUYERS!


  • Under contract in eight days
  • Sold for 10% above list price
  • The right marketing and planning attracted the right buyers and led to a quick sale of the hidden gem in the mountains of Bakersville, NC!


Let’s Work Together!

If you’re interested in at least putting curiosity to rest, please feel free to either email, text or call so we can start the conversation. In the meantime, please take a moment to read my reviews from other satisfied clients. Thank you so much for your time and I truly hope to hear from you soon! 

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